Standard Thickness 950gr.    Annual clearance .....$500.00


The Airyak Travler is an inflatable sea-kayak designed for two paddlers and a child up to 5' in height.  It is manufactured in France from PVC (German Mehler 950g  which is the same material used by Zodiac for their "JUMBO"  line.  Prior to delivery each boat is tested by inflating it for 72 hours.  Each seam is welded once, then a second time with a 1" wide extra strip covering the first assembly. 

DIMENSIONS:  Length 420 cm. (13.78')  Width 88 cm. (2.89')      Tube Diameter is 26.5 cm (10.43")               Weight:  37 lbs.       Max. Capacity: 528 lbs.

Fittings consist of 6 "D" rings to support 2 two of the 3 seats furnished and the boat is equipped with an inflatable tubular floor.  Pump and storage bag included with each boat, the third seat is optional.

Impressions. This boat paddles well in flat water with 1 or 2 persons.  The third seat is optional,  and suitable as a childs seat it can be used when paddling solo.  This boat will perform well in up to class 2 rivers.  It's faster than it looks and easy to carry. A good choice for couples who like to travel and apartment dwellers. These boats are popular with RV devotees, and this is a terrific price for a boat of this quality.

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